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  • 22-Mar-2016

    The "Self", The "Me", The "I": The neurophysiological basis of "I" and the mind development has been explored in a seminar of The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy (Helsinki, Finland).

    Researchers of BM-Science Centre participate in a seminar of The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy, held in Helsinki, in March 22nd 2016.

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts lectured on the EEG derived information about the three main aspects of the complex Selfhood: "Self", "Me" and "I". They reported the first empirical results on how each of these aspects could be voluntary modified in the course of meditation training. Data from the patients with brain damage, who are in a vegetative or minimally conscious state, was also presented.

  • 23-Feb-2016

    BM-Science organises a roundtable on the theme "Meditation, brain function and the Self".

    An objective of the roundtable has been to discuss the available experimental data on the efficacy of the qEEG-Guided meditation in comparison with arbitrary chosen meditation. The second aim was to discuss how different aspects of Self could be measured with qEEG. First emerging results related to the neurophysiological counterpart of Self were presented.

    More insight on this theme can be found here:

  • 28-Apr-2015

    qEEG explored in a seminar of The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy (Helsinki, Finland).

    Researchers of BM-Science Centre participate in a seminar of The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophym, held in Helsinki, in April 28th 2015.

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts lectured on an EEG normative database, why and how reliably qEEG can be used to describe mental contents, and how reliable it is compared to other neuroimaging methods (like MRI).

  • 16-Apr-2015

    Lecture “Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of EEG, and recent advances in the field” by BM-Science researchers at the Antioxidant Clinic (Helsinki, Finland) in April 16th 2015.

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts / BM-Science lectured on the topic “Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of EEG: A window into the brain and objective assessment of neural & mental capabilities, and probable neurological & psychiatric risks”.

  • 28-Jan-2015

    TSC 2015 - Conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness 2015”, Helsinki, 8-13 June 2015.

    The International TSC conference is held in our neighborhood – The University of Helsinki / Finland – from 8 to 13 of June 2015.

    BM-Science researchers are invited to host a pre-conference workshop on the theme “Scientific Field Theories of Consciousness – Recent Developments” in the Conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness 2015”, TSC 2015.

    This workshop will observe scientific field theories of consciousness concerning the everyday conscious experiences of individuals (including such sensations as colours, sounds, smells, tastes or somatosensation). The field theories of consciousness are theories that postulate that consciousness is identical with a field (or some aspect of it) in the general sense in which the term “field” is used in physics, i.e. a field in which the property that exists at each point in a particular region of the space-time continuum is objectively measurable. In other words, consciousness is seen as having not only temporal duration, but also extension in space. "More details ... .

  • 15-Jan-2015

    BM-Science hosts a seminar “The philosophy and neurophysiology of Self”.

    A primary objective of the seminar has been to discuss the topic of Self and its philosophical and neurophysiological implications. The phenomenon of Self and specifically of self-awareness is multi-faceted, involving such distinction as being a self (i.e., being the subject of self-conscious experience – first person perspective) and being cognitive of being a self(i.e., possessing the ability to represent and reflect upon oneself). So far, evidence has been found that brain regions within the so-called default mode network (DMN) contribute to different qualities of the sense of self. Philosophical, scientific, clinical and social implications of such evidence have been discussed.

  • 14-Nov-2014

    International Workshop “The Physical Underpinnings of Consciousness – Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience, Physics and Philosophy” (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland).

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts /BM-Science are invited to hold two workshop sessions: “Phenomenal consciousness as a field level in brain functional architecture” and “Implications of operational architectonics methodology for consciousness studies and neurophilosophy”.

    The sessions highlight that subjective consciousness is a real and a natural phenomenon that is tightly anchored to a biological reality found in the human brain. According to this view, then there must be a specific level of brain organization and a specific spatial–temporal grain in it where consciousness resides. This level is the brain Operational Architectonics (OA) which is presented as a highly structured and dynamic extracellular electric field nested in spatial and temporal domains and over a range of frequencies, thus forming a particular operational space–time (OST). Examples of application of OA methodology to different experimental models of consciousness were presented.

  • 04-Sep-2014

    Seminar sessions on Consciousness and Coma Patients at the Second Symposium "Persistent Vegetative State and Other Neurological Disorders of Consciousness" (Köln, Germany).

    Researchers of BM-Science Centre are invited to participate in the Second Symposium "Persistent Vegetative State and Other Neurological Disorders of Consciousness" (Köln, Germany).

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts hold two Seminar sessions: “Do we need a theory-based assessment of consciousness in the field of disorders of consciousness?” and “Prognostic value of resting-state EEG-signal structure in disentangling UWS and MCS”.

    The sessions highlighted the importance of a theoretical account of what conscious experience is and how it emerges within the brain for the search of appropriate neuromarkers of the presence or absence of consciousness in noncommunicative brain-damaged patients. They also covered the diagnostic specificity of qEEG and its prognostic utility in clinical practice if the parameters of qEEG are chosen based on the theoretical account of consciousness. The doctors and nurses were given evidence on qEEG aided differential diagnosis, treatment selection and evaluation.

  • 26-Aug-2014

    Seminar: “The philosophy and neurophysiology of healing”.

    BM-Science hosts a seminar on the theme “The philosophy and neurophysiology of healing”.

    Several very prominent scientists, philosophers, doctors and public figures have participated. A primary objective of the seminar was to bring together specialists from different disciplines (philosophers, neuroscientists, clinicians and traditional healers) in order to advance the subject. The seminar has been designed for detailed discussion and reflection on the topic of healing and its philosophical and neurophysiological implications. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Tarja Kallio-Tamminen (Physics Foundations Society and Society for Natural Philosophy, Helsinki), Dr. Tuomo Suntola (Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy and Physics Foundations Society), Dr. Nina Bjelogrlic-Laakso (Rinnekoti Foundation, Espoo), Dr. Hanna Kortejärvi (Faculty of Pharmacy at the Univ. Helsinki and HUS-Pharmacy), Katrina Berg (artist and a healer), and Kiti Luostarinen (psychologist and documentary film director and producer) in ensuring a very successful seminar.

  • 30-Jun-2013

    One of the most downloaded articles of journal "Chaos, Solitons & Fractals".

    The article of BM-Science researchers "Consciousness as a phenomenon in the operational architectonics of brain organization: Criticality and self-organization considerations" is among the most downloaded articles published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals since March 2013. This article describes how the subjective mental reality and the objective neurobiological reality, although seemingly worlds apart, are intimately connected along a unified metastable continuum and how are both guided by the universal laws of the physical world such as criticality, self-organization and emergence.

  • 27-Jun-2013

    One of the most read articles of journal "Clinical EEG and Neuroscience".

    The article of BM-Science researchers "Dissociation of vegetative and minimally conscious patients based on brain Operational Architectonics: Factor of etiology" is among the most read articles published in Clinical EEG and Neuroscience since May 2013. This article describes how the Operational Architectonics strategy for the EEG analysis could improve the distinguishing between patients in VS and MCS. Results of this study may have neuroscientific, clinical, and ethical implications.

  • 18-Mar-2013

    Co-heads of research of BM-Science Centre are invited to join the scientific committee of NEUROTECHNIX 2013 Congress.

    Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts have been invited to join the International Scientific Program Committee of NEUROTECHNIX 2013 – International Congress on Neurotechnology, Electronics and Informatics, which will be held in Vilamora, Algarve, Portugal (18-20 September, 2013)" .

  • 30-Jan-2013

    One of the most cited articles: "Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time".

    The article of BM-Science researchers "Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time" ) is among the most cited articles published in Physics of Life Reviews since 2008. This article describes in detail the Operational Architectonics theory of brain and mind functioning.

  • 15-Jan-2013

    Invitation to the panel of Experts of “The Neuropsychotherapist”.

    BM-Science researchers were invited to the panel of experts of the "The Neuropsychotherapist". This panel - with members recognised for their knowledge and experience - aims to contribute with content and new insights on the field of psychophysiology.

  • 10-Jan-2013

    A Review of “God” and Our Brain – a serious and in-depth work that gets considerable attention in the academic and scientific community.

    BM-Science researchers published the review "Is our brain hardwired to produce God, or is our brain hardwired to perceive God? A systematic review on the role of the brain in mediating religious experience" in Volume 10, Issue Number 4, November 2009 of COGNITIVE PROCESSING.
    This work was reported to be one of the ten most frequently downloaded papers of the journal.

  • 24-Dec-2012

    A step forward in revealing the mysteries of consciousness.

    BM-Science researchers together with their Italian colleagues completed the first phase of Consciousness Study based on Operational Architectonic theory . Results of this study revealed high potential in (a) objective assessing of existence or absence of consciousness in noncommunicative patients (vegetative and minimally conscious states), (b) reliable prediction of long-term mortality and (c) reliable prognosis of long-term recovery in these patients. Additionally, candidates for neural constitutes for consciousness were identified. This study program resulted in 7 publications in professional scientific journals.
    See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

  • 12-Sep-2012

    An Interview to The Russian Journal “Our Psychology”.

    The Russian journal “Our Psychology” interviewed BM-Science researchers and covering our recent work and the latest developments in the field of consciousness studies, and how patients in vegetative and in minimally conscious states can benefit from such work. See interview here - in Russian".

  • 30-Jan-2012

    “Top Hottest Article” for 18 months, by “SciVerse ScienceDirect”.

    According to the rating “SciVerse ScienceDirect” the article "Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time" published by BM-Science researchers in the journal “Physics of Life Reviews”, Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2010, Pages 195-249, ranks between the 6th and the 17th position in the category of “Physics and Astronomy” for the last 18 months (since June 2010 until the present date).

  • 02-Jan-2012

    BM-Science researchers participate in the 2nd International Course on Neurorehabilitation (Italy).

    BM-Science researchers will hold two Seminar sessions: “Functional Significance of EEG Oscillations” and “Diagnostic and Prognostic value of EEG”. The sessions will cover the diagnostic specificity of qEEG and its prognostic utility in clinical practice. The students will be given evidence on qEEG aided differential diagnosis, treatment selection and evaluation.

  • 22-Dec-2011

    Season's Greetings: Wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    BM-Science wishes to all its partners and collaborators a prosperous New Year of 2012, professional achievements and health.

  • 25-Oct-2011

    Research work of BM-Science received an award by the SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI NEUROLOGIA.

    Collaborative research work between BM-Science and the Foundation Institute San Raffaele - G. Giglio (FISRG), ITALY, was presented at XLII Congresso Della SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI NEUROLOGIA (Torino, Italy; October 22-25, 2011). The prize of “best presentation” has been awarded.

  • 10-Oct-2011

    New approach to assess signs of (un)consciousness in patients of vegetative and minimally conscious state.

    Joint collaborative research work between BM-Science and the Foundation Institute San Raffaele - G. Giglio (FISRG), ITALY achieves promising preliminary results on a clinical trial for patients with severe brain damage.

    The results support the basic tenets of the theory of “Operational Architectonics of brain-mind functioning” – earlier proposed by BM-Science researchers - and suggest that EEG operational architectonics analysis may provide objective and accurate means to assess signs of (un)consciousness in patients with severe brain injuries (See article-1and article-2 ).

    BM-Science hopes that this methodological approach may complement the established “gold standard” of behavioral assessment of these patients, as well as to guide the diagnostic and treatment processes. The study results have been published in four papers.

  • 08-May-2011

    BM-Science researchers present their work on the Study of Consciousness in a conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The research work on "Operational Architectonics of Consciousness" has been presented at the International Conference: Toward a Science of Consciousness – TSC. Stockholm, Sweden; May 2-8, 2011.

  • 29-Apr-2011

    BM-Science researchers participate in the 1st International Course on Neurorehabilitation (Italy).

    BM-Science researchers hold Seminar session: “Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) and Functional Neuronal Networks in Clinical Practice”. The session covers evidence on the diagnostic and prognostic utility of qEEG in clinical practice. The students learn that (1) qEEG has shown better predicting value for a diagnosis decision than a syndrome based diagnosis; and that (2) the information provided by qEEG analysis have additional utility beyond simply ruling out “organic brain lesions”.

  • 14-Feb-2011

    Promising results for the treatment of depression.

    BM-Science and an UK based partner achieving promising preliminary results on a clinical trial for non-medicated treatment of medical-resistant depression. Through this study, BM-Science hopes to contribute to help to the improvement of the quality of life of the many affected by this disorder.

    The jointly developed treatment methodology utilizes quantitative balancing indexes of “Brain-Mind Operational Architectonics” – developed by BM-Science researchers in the past years.

    The ongoing pilot clinical trial initiated in 2009 enters now its final phase is expected to be concluded during the present year.

  • 28-Jun-2010

    Space and Time in the frame of human brain and mind: a recent review essay covering 15 years of research.

    The BM-Science researchers have recently published the paper "Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time "in the journal "Physics of Life Reviews" - an essay covering fifteen years of research in the fields.

    Concepts of space and time are widely developed in physics. However, there is a considerable lack of biologically plausible theoretical frameworks that can demonstrate how space and time dimensions are implemented in the activity of the most complex life-system — the brain with a mind.

    Critical analysis of research on the space–time organization of the brain's activity pointed to the existence of so-called operational space–time in the brain. At the same time, subjective (phenomenal) mental experience has also definitive spatial and temporal properties similar to many physical phenomena. The essay offers hypothesis that via the brain operational space–time the mind subjective space–time is connected to otherwise distant physical space–time reality. For more, please read the full copy of the essay available online (here ).

  • 06-Mar-2010

    New potential methodology for the development of psychoactive drugs.

    "Alpha rhythm Operational Architectonics in the continuum of normal and pathological brain states: Current state of research" - a new paper by BM-Science researchers recently published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology (see here ).
    The study provides an important glimpse at a methodology that is feasible in a search for focused pharmacological intervention; especially as psychoactive drug research has been turning toward more specific action while concurrently reducing side-effects and interactions. Authors provide a methodological and theoretical framework for a new field of experimental neuropathodynamics that is devoted to exploring the ways in which transient neuronal assemblies and their interactive hierarchical structures can be made to abandon the normal domain of flexible and adaptive behavior. Better understanding of the specific ways in which disrupted dynamics of different characteristics of neuronal assemblies and their functional connectivity may underlie neuro/psychopathology may also suggest new targets for therapeutic agents. Earlier (see here ), the authors have proposed that the future of psychopharmacology lies in its ability to design specific psychotropic drugs, which can restore the normal temporal dynamics of disordered features of neuronal assemblies and disordered interactions among them. Such pharmacological agents potentially might be much more efficient than classical general compounds that are “blind” to the actual dynamic properties of neuronal assemblies and functional relations among them.

  • 12/13-Mar-2009

    The theme “BRAIN AND MIND: A Unified Metastable Continuum” presented at a multi-disciplinary workshop, in Germany.

    BM-Science participates in a Multi-disciplinary Research Workshop addressing the underlying mechanisms of advancement in cognitive processes. Our researchers presented a talk on theme “BRAIN AND MIND: A Unified Metastable Continuum” where they outline the key aspects of both architectures of the phenomenal consciousness and operational brain functioning and shown the isomorphism relation between them through the shared notion of operation. Brothers Fingelkurts re-stated their work theory that brain operational architectonics and mind phenomenal architecture are the complementary aspects of the same metastable continuum.

  • 25-Nov-2008

    The article “Cortical operational synchrony during audio-visual speech integration” sets trends in scientific publishing.

    The journal “Brain and Language“chooses the article “Cortical operational synchrony during audio-visual speech integration” published in Volume 85, Issue 2, May 2003, Pages 297-312 as A KEY ARTICLE REFLECTING THE JOURNAL'S NEW DIRECTION .

  • 25-Oct-2008

    Scientific article selected as the “Best Research Paper” and its authors granted the Henry Guze Award.

    The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis awards Dr(s). Fingelkurts with the Henry Guze Award for the article “Cortex functional connectivity as a neurophysiological correlate of hypnosis: an EEG case study” published in Neuropsychologia, 2007, V. 45. No 7. P. 1452-1462. The article was selected as the BEST RESEARCH PAPER

  • 09-Sep-2008

    “EEG Temporal and Spatial Microstructure”: Speech at the 14th World Congress of Psychophysiology, St Petersburg, 2008.

    Researcher Alexander Fingelkurts (Ph.D.) holds the speech “EEG Temporal and Spatial Microstructure” at the 14th World Congress of Psychophysiology, St Petersburg, 2008.

  • 20-Aug-2008

    The “Dream Catcher” experiment

    Researchers of BM-Science participate in the “Dream Catcher” experiment held within the scope of the international collaboration project “Other minds: The Neurophilosophy and Neuroethics of Intersubjectivity.”
    By analyzing brain based data collected during sleep, the researchers try to reveal whether the subject was dreaming and what was the subject dreaming of. If the results are positive or passed better than chance, then the data (and the analysis result) must reflect “the phenomenal level” of brain organization.

  • 04-Aug-2008

    BM-Science and Mind, Consciousness and Language Network (Italy) agree on a new joint collaboration

    BM-Science and the Italian research network “Mind, Consciousness and Language” have agreed to carry out a joint research project aiming to investigate brain operations underlying the production and comprehension of the meanings of words.
    The results of this project are supposed to bring researchers closer in bridging the fundamental gap between brain and reflective mind, thus opening the road to important future technological applications in areas of human language and mind reading.

  • 05-Jul-2008

    Our Lab is temporarily closed for the summer holiday: Enjoy the Summer!

    BM-Science Lab is closed between July 7th and July 21st.
    We will resume our activity on Tuesday 22nd of July
    We wish you a warm and pleasant summer!

  • 04-Apr-2008

    Finnish business magazine publishes an interview with BM-Science researchers

    The second volume of Finnish business magazine Yrittäjä-lehti publishes an interview with the BM-Science co-heads of research.
    The interview can be found here in page 60.

  • 23-Mar-2008

    Public courses in Moscow and satellite cities in the frame of the "Educational Program" of BM-Science

    Researches of BM-Science have held several courses for the public and specifically for child and primary school educators, paediatricians, and paediatric psychologists on "Educating a child – From the moment of conception to adolescence. What science and psychophysiology – in particular – can tell you and help you with this delicate task".

    The course gives an overview over the development of the brain in the pre-natal phase and after birth as a basis for the emergence of cognitive functions. The development of the different psychological functions is analyzed in detail: perception, attention, memory, thinking, emotions, speech, psychological defense and temperament. The course also includes practical recommendations, while understanding these basic processes, to help parents and educators. Special attention was dedicated to the particular role of the phenomena of music and musical behaviour in education.

    BM-Science would like to thank the participants for their interested and enthusiastic participation.

  • 01-Sep-2007

    BM-Science participates in the 14th World Congress of Psychophysiology, St Petersburg, 2008.

    Researchers of BM-Science participate in the organization of the symposium “Differentiation of Mentally-specific and Non-specific Brain Activations: Temporal and Spatial Scales” in the frame of the 14th World Congress of Psychophysiology which will be held in September 08-13, 2008 in S. Petersburg, Russia.

  • 10-Jun-2007

    BM-Science intensifies its attention on social matters by starting a new educational program targeting the general public.

    Due to a very low awareness and lack of valid knowledge by the general public concerning brain and mind scientific research and in order to dismiss myths that exist in society in the field of neuroscience, BM-Science establishes an educational program that includes public lectures, courses, seminars and publications accessible to the general public.

    The first public course takes place in Moscow during the current month of June. The courses focus the psychophysiology of children and children education.

  • 08-Jan-2007

    Psychoactive drug can restore the temporal characteristics of EEG and treat diseases.

    BM-SCIENCE advanced EEG analyses reveal an important finding in psychopharmacology (in press in International Journal of Psychophysiology). It was shown that methadone restores not only the composition of EEG oscillations and their percentage ration in the overall EEG but it also restores the temporal structure of the EEG signal. This latter aspect is of particular interest:

    It was recently suggested that a pathological process is a process where there is a change in the temporal dynamics from what is normal, rather than in the regularity or irregularity of those dynamics.

    More and more research (see review Fingelkurts et al., 2005) emphasize that the majority of brain and psychiatric/mental problems are accompanied by a disruption in the temporal structure of brain activity, i.e. the temporal reorganization in the brain dynamics was indeed observed in opioid addiction. It was suggested that this type of temporal reorganization is a contributing factor to the disorganization syndrome in drug addiction and reward regulation (Fingelkurts et al., 2006).

    Therefore, psychotropic drugs, which can restore the normal temporal structure of brain activity, are of particular interest. To our knowledge, this is the first study where the capability of methadone to restore the normal temporal structure of the brain’s activity was explicitly demonstrated.

  • 20-Sep-2006

    Studying the neural basis of consciousness: Participation in a multidisciplinary consortium.

    BM-SCIENCE starts its participation in a Consortium for the Study of Consciousness. A multidisciplinary network will apply a number of methods in the study of consciousness, including philosophical argumentation, behavioral measurements, anesthesia, PET, TMS, and EEG measures in an attempt to reveal the neural basis of consciousness.

    An overall of 16 experiments will be run in this project. The results are expected to reveal the neural mechanisms of consciousness in unprecedented ways, constituting empirical tests of current neural theories and models of consciousness. The studies applying anesthetic agents may furthermore lead to practical applications involving objective physiological indices of anesthetic depth and new findings concerning the mechanisms inducing unconsciousness during anesthesia. At the philosophical level, the results can be seen as testing the viability of biological naturalism in the neuroscientific study of consciousness. The philosophical implications will be evaluated separately in theoretical/philosophical papers and the project will arrange a neurophilosophical symposium to encourage interaction between neuroscience and philosophy in Finland, and to promote the open discussion of the philosophical problems shared by neuroscientists.

  • 05-Sep-2006

    The 10th Jubilee Multidisciplinary International Conference of Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry "Stress and Behavior" (St-Petersburg, Russia, May 16-20, 2007) .

    Like in earlier editions of the event, and as a renewed support and recognition to its merit, BM-Science promotes the 10-th Jubilee Multidisciplinary International Conference of Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry "Stress and Behavior" -

  • 20-May-2006

    A summary of five years of research at BM-Science - both applied and theoretical work – can be found in a chapter of a book recently published.

    Neuroscience has lacked consistent theories and methods for understanding the mechanisms through which the brain orchestrates the symphony of perceptions, thoughts, and actions.

    The recently published work covers the issue and introduces "The Operational Architectonics Theory of Brain and Mind Functioning" which consists of a framework for mapping and understanding important mechanisms of cognition and eventually consciousness.

    For more, please read the full copy of the book chapter available online here.

  • 21-Mar-2006

    Completion of EEG study on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

    It was found that the right and left hemisphere have different ranges of remote operational synchrony consistent with the different involvement of the hemispheres in the semantic representatives of depression.

  • 12-Dec-2005

    A longitudinal research program on opioid addiction was finalized

    BM-Science has completed the analysis of EEG data in the frame of a longitudinal research program on opioid addiction conducted in BioMag Laboratory. The aim of this program was to explore the actual parameters of EEG (composition of brain oscillations and their temporal behaviour, local and remote functional connectivity) in current opioid addicts entering the hospital unit for withdrawal and evaluation for one-year methadone treatment. Results of the analysis will be published in 6 scientific publications in internationally recognisable scientific journals.

  • 06-Nov-2005

    Public lecture at The House of Arts (HAUS DER KUNST, Munich) in the frame of the exhibition "Siblings in Art"

    Researches of BM-Science have participated in the exhibition "Siblings in Art" (HAUS DER KUNST, Munich) with a public lecture on "Giftedness, Twins and Visual Art". The lecture tries to answer such questions as: Why ordinary individuals cannot draw naturalistic scenes unless they are taught the tricks and schema to do so, even though their brains obviously possess all of the necessary visual information required to draw and perform the calculations necessary to label three-dimensional objects? Why gifted people can do this without special education? What is so special in the brain of gifted people? Which situations in the real life may course conditions favourable for development and realization of giftedness?

  • 11-Jun-2005

    Collaborative research agreement renewed with BioMag Laboratory - FINLAND.

    Important results have been recently achieved in the study of chronic opioid addiction. The BioMag Laboratory and BM-Science agree on further extend and deepen the conducted studies.

  • 10-Jun-2005

    Significant findings in the characterization of the hypnotic state with and without hallucination, as altered states of consciousness. .

    The findings are a result of sucessful collaborative research between the The Consciousness Research Group, Department of Philosophy, University of Turku-FINLAND, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, and BM-Science.

  • 1-May-2005

    The 9th Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry "Stress and Behavior" (St-Petersburg, Russia, May 16-19, 2005) .

    As a modest contribution, BM-Science offers some of its web-publishing IT-resources as a symbolic recognition for high value and quality of the event for the scientific community - already in its 9th year -, as well as a recognition for the enournous systematic effort of its organizers setting it up.

    (This log has started in April-2005)