Professional Consulting

In case of the need to access our professional scientific skills and knowledge in specific areas outside the core activity of our organization, we are able to share our expertise in the form of a consulting service.

Other Services:

These services are oriented towards the medical professional community. Some services may be ordered by individuals though restrictions may apply (See our service disclaimer).

  • Services for Individuals

    An individual, a private person is able to submit a health case to our specialists for scientific research. The results can be a valuable help to a doctor assisting the person either in the treatment of a particular disease or disorder, or by helping maintaining health.

  • Services for The Medical Professionals

    The medical professional community can take advantage of scientific research to help on complex difficult medical cases mainly in neurology and psychiatry.

  • Services for Science & Industry

    Specific projects can be set up to i.e. develop a new method, create a new tool, find a new index or test a new drug.