BM-SCIENCE Brain & Mind Technologies Research Centre is a small but growing scientific research organization established in 2002. It provides a nexus between scientific research in neuroscience and society.

Our core team of highly qualified professionals in the scientific community is extended through a network of specialists in the different sub-areas of expertise.

Our two major focuses and orientation lines are:

  • Scientific Research of high standards and quality, mainly in the study of human brain and mind, though spreading to the broad field of human physiology.

    The form of our work ranges from typical internal research projects to joint-collaborative research with other scientific research organizations, as well as through memberships in larger research consortiums.

  • Professional Consulting - Due to the increasing demand of society in specialized knowledge in our area of expertise, and as collateral activity of our core scientific research, we can help different entities though consulting or services.

    The strong motivation factors of our activity are to significantly contribute for the improvement of public health and work on the core questions of our time in the field of neuroscience and brain and mind research that will open new possibilities in broad areas such neuro-philosophy, consciousness, education, human communication and linguistics, human-machine interfaces, among other.

    Memberships and/or participations:

  • Neuroinformatics
    The Human Brain Project

  • Neuro-IT.net

  • European Union CORDIS
    Community Research & Development Information Service

  • EEG.pl Research Portal

  • neuroinf.org