25 August 2022

BM-Science together with KalpaTaru has started a conversation series about Selfhood in the fall 2022. The overall framework of the discussion could be concisely formulated by the following questions. What is it – Selfhood – from a neuro-physical and contemplative Eastern points of view? What is the essence of the subjectively perceived Selfhood?

20 September 2021

This study is a continuation of the project “Selfhood triumvirate” that has been done in collaboration with Dr. Tarja Kallio-Tamminen and was focused on eight spontaneously emerging, brief episodes of vivid altered states of Selfhood (ASoSs) that occurred during mental exercise in six long-term meditators by using a neurophenomenological electroencephalography (EEG) approach. It has been published in the SpringerNature journal Cognitive Neurodynamics. The free read is available here