18 May 2023

BM-Science researchers published a new article in the journal Brain Sciences. Even though it is related to patients with disorders of consciousness, it focuses on distinguishing the three distinct phenomena (Non-, Un-, and SUB-consciousness) which are commonly conflated within the same term ‘unconsciousness’ under the presumption that they all share the same underlying property of (un)consciousness.

18 April 2023

The article "Selfhood triumvirate: From phenomenology to brain activity and back again", which was co-authored by BM-Science researchers with Dr. Tarja Kallio-Tamminen, is one of the most cited articles from the journal Consciousness and Cognition published since 2020.

21 March 2023

BM-Science researchers published in the open access journal Brain Sciences the first study demonstrating that, within a realistic time frame of around a year, individually adjusted lifestyle changes or nutraceutical supplementation