30 January 2013

The article of BM-Science researchers "Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time" is among the most cited articles published in Physics of Life Reviews since 2008. This article describes in detail the Operational Architectonics theory of brain and mind functioning.

15 January 2013

BM-Science researchers were invited to the panel of experts of the "The Neuropsychotherapist". This panel - with members recognised for their knowledge and experience - aims to contribute with content and new insights on the field of psychophysiology.

10 January 2013

BM-Science researchers published the review "Is our brain hardwired to produce God, or is our brain hardwired to perceive God? A systematic review on the role of the brain in mediating religious experience" in Volume 10, Issue Number 4, November 2009 of COGNITIVE PROCESSING.
This work was reported to be one of the ten most frequently downloaded papers of the journal.