Ongoing main projects


  • Development of advanced methods for qEEG/MEG analysis, which:
    • are sensitive to the temporal structure of the signal,
    • do not require prior knowledge of the underlying dynamics,
    • do not contain averaging procedures,
    • have special tests for the non-random and non-occasional nature of the results,
    • produce results which are easy to interpret in terms of their neurophysiological correlates
  • qEEG studies of patients in vegetative (VS) and minimally conscious states (MCS) (longitudinal study), Phase II.
  • Development of the Operational Architectonics framework of brain and mind functioning
  • Isomorphism between qEEG/MEG microstructure and the structure of phenomenal experience (consciousness)
  • Application of the Operational Architectonics framework of brain-mind functioning to self-organizing, dynamic, and distributed computational systems
  • qEEG study of the meditation states and development of EEG-guided personalized meditation protocols
  • qEEG study of Selfhood - development of a 3-dimensional construct model for the complex experiential selfhood based on the empirical findings on the functional-topographical specialization of 3 operational modules of brain functional network responsible for the self-consciousness processing



Earlier completed main projects


2010 - 2012   Development of differentiation index distinguishing Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States in brain-damaged noncommunicative patients (longitudinal study), Phase I.
2009 - 2012   Advanced qEEG-guided personalised TMS treatment of depression
2006 - 2009   qEEG study of dream phenomenology
2006 - 2008   The influence of chronic opioid addiction on the spatio-temporal structure of the electrical brain signal (longitudinal study)
2005 - 2006   Epileptic brain as physiologic adaptation: Microstructural analysis of electromagnetic brain signals
2005 - 2006   Advanced analysis of electrical brain activity in un-medicated naïve out-patients with major depressive disorder (MDD)
2005 - 2006   Characterization of pure hypnotic state without hallucinations, as altered states of consciousness, using advanced analysis of electrical brain activity
2003 - 2005   Microstructural analysis of electromagnetic brain signals under psychopharmacological influence
2002 - 2003   Dynamic processes in electromagnetic brain activity during multisensory perception and cognition
2002 - 2003   Electrophysiologic mechanisms of working memory