The Human Brain - a complex and very personal machine built in your early years.

Find out how it was built and how to get it working in an optimal way.

It is not enough to live longer, but to live well and be healthier for long. How we treat our brain and mind today impacts on how healthy you are in those additional years of life. By maximizing the well-being of your brain you improve your quality of life.   All you need is the right information!

Wellness - Your Brain, your Mind!

A science-powered approach to your brain and mind wellness.



How does it work?

You schedule a brain activity evaluation (qEEG) in our laboratory. qEEG is a simple procedure that collects the electrical signals from your brain. You simply seat in a chair for less than an hour and you are ready to go. The procedure is non-invasive and causes you no pain. For more details see FAQ below.

We analyse the data using original, advanced mathematical-statistical method (based on the large number of scientific studies) and send the results report to you. The results are self-explanatory. If you need help in better understanding the results so that you can make the most of them, you can book a time for consultation session with our expert.


The service includes:

  • 45 min qEEG registration session in our laboratory
  • Data analysis
  • Generation of various reports (BrainMind Audit and Brain Executive Control)
  • Information and/or advise, e.g. suggestion to consult a healthcare professional in case of deviations of clinical significance are found (ONLY if the customer wishes to be informed).

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The service "Wellness: Your Brain, Your Mind" enables you to:

Know yourself

You will learn an in-depth and comprehensive picture of the core aspects of yourself, your brain, your personality.  

Know where you are now

Additionally to your core brain fingerprint-like information, you also get the sense on how well (or less well) you have been treating yourself (and your brain). A considerable part of it being a consequence of your lifestyle, how well you eat, exercise and your methods to cope with stress.

Rarely, all our brain parameters are in optimal state! The good news is that there is something you can do about it to get it better.  

Know where to go and with optimal effort

Brain and body (and their dynamics) can be to a good extent tuned so that you achieve your wellness in a more effective way, allowing you to “pay” a lower physiological price for it. With the information you get, you can build your unique pathway in wellness – become the best version of yourself.  

Continue to be on the wellness path

Once you've done your corrective work, you can measure it again and see if you have reached the target. Sometimes, when you reach a goal, you find out that something else could also be improved. By repeating the evaluation, you keep progress in your hands.


Opening the way to a series of extended specialized services - Such services are optional and not included in the base service:

Screenings for specific risks (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Depression, ADHD, Ischemia, and many other).

When your concerns justify, you can do further analyses. Please check detailed list of screenings here.

Method to tune-up yourself

Relaxation and meditation techniques – specific to your brain (that suit the results of your analysis).

Personalized diet and food supplements program (based on your results). Learn more here.


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In the year 2022, we've conducted a survey to our customers. It is important to us to understand how well we are serving them through the past years and what could we improve.

A very high percentage of individuals express high levels of satisfaction, with 100% of respondents reporting that they recognise themselves in the Profile and that it was important to see one's own weak and strong features and predispositions revealed by the Profile. More than 80% of respondents believe that the Profile assisted them in making positive behavioural changes, and more than 90% believe that their repeated Profile measurements accurately reflect their new subjective experience of themselves. 


PERCENTAGE (%) OF THOSE WHO RANKED 8-10  ("Strongly agree" or "completely agree")  in a scale of 1-10

A few testimonials....

This profile helped me to confirm things I knew before and discover new ones. On a whole this is a really good tool to know better our strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve on a personal basis”, (*) - Director of Trade - State official.

I had an EEG-scan to check how my brain works, which was very interesting. I received results which helped me to understand myself better. I also received a meditation program that was optimized for my brain”, (*) - Wellness Coach.

I can't say how powerful experience it was to really see the results and really see what`s going on in my head. And I was like WOW, is my head in so optimal condition? It really was surprising - in very positive way. You guys found it all! My past experiences, the effects it has on my body experience etc. There it all was. And can`t wait to dive in deeper. The results made me figure out some practices which I try to use on myself and see after few months how the work will effect on my results”, (*) - Wellness Instructor.

I was very pleased to see that the resources of my brain are rather high. It was motivating to keep healthy life-style to preserve such resources further”, (*) - Artist.

I’m very satisfied with both the profile data as well as all the communications I’ve had over the years with BM-Science. I find the information very pertinent to my interests as a meditator and coach interested in facilitating changes in both my own life as well as that of my customers. I’ve been profiled many times over the years when I’ve made changes in my meditative routines whose effects on my brain functioning, I’ve wanted to assess. In general, the calculated profile has corresponded very well with my subjective feelings of how the practice has influenced me. The same has also been true during the period of my life when I felt more stressed and saw how my metrics started to creep away from the optimum values. It was a good reminder to reset my priorities and maintain my meditation routine despite the acute rush at work”, (*) - Wellness Coach.

 * - People's identity not revealed due to privacy reasons.


- Please ask us for more information



The service “WELLNESS - YOUR BRAIN, YOUR MIND” provides a comprehensive evaluation of your brain-mind wellness:


  • Vigilance level
  • Speed of cognitive and memory performance
  • Internal attention level
  • Emotional-motivational tendency
  • Sociability level
  • Anxiety tendency
  • Stress resistance and stress recovery level
  • Overall brain resources level
  • Likelihood of neuro-dysfunction
  • The ability to be focused – the brain executive control

Learn about first 9 metrics here. The last metric evaluates the brain's executive control function that regulates attentional process in the service of working memory and goal-directed behaviour.

DISCLAIMER: The results are NOT to be used to diagnose illnesses and do NOT replace the need of a consultation with a healthcare professional. For more details, please see FAQ.


- Please ask us for more information




What is qEEG?

QEEG is a the digitally recorded electrical activity generated by the brain. In the brain, there are millions of neurons, each of which generates small electric voltage fields. The aggregate of these electric voltage fields creates an electrical reading which sensors on the scalp are able to detect and record. Learn more here.

What happens during qEEG session?

During qEEG session, a swim-like cap with a number of sensors is placed on your head to measure the brain waves from multiple locations on the scalp. This preparation phase may take about 20 minutes. After that the qEEG recording is performed, lasting about 12 minutes (6 minutes with open eyes and 6 minutes with closed eyes). During recording you are asked to remain quiet, still, and relaxed (no task is required). You remain sitting on the chair during the whole session.

What is the duration of qEEG session?

The whole qEEG session, including the administrative procedures, takes 45 minutes.

Is qEEG procedure safe?

The qEEG procedure is completely safe, non-invasive and painless.

How to prepare for the qEEG session?
  • During the previous day evening, you should NOT use/take coffee, strong tea, chocolate, alcohol, or medication (either prescription free or not - in the case of essential medication, you should discuss the possibility with the doctor).
  • At the qEEG session day, eat lightly before the measurement (no coffee or strong tea within 4 hours before the measurement). Additionally, you should wash your hair thoroughly and DO NOT USE ANY CRÈME, GEL, CONDITIONERS, HAIR SPRAY, MOUSSE, ETC. These products will make the scalp slick and the sensors will not stick, and those products may also affect the quality of the registration. The hair must be dried completely.
  • Do not use metal ear-rings, necklaces or wristbands.
  • Do not engage in the aerobic exercises (cycling, running swimming, etc.) within 4 hours before the measurement. These can affect the measurement.
  • Additionally, prior to the qEEG-session you will be asked to fill-in a comprehensive anonymous Online questionnaire.
Why do I have to answer an online questionnaire?

Your anonymous answers may be helpful to contextualize your results and better advise you in case health matters arise. Additionally, your answers will produce vital information to advance science in the study of associations between different qEEG characteristics and different individual features.

Is the qEEG results report constitute a diagnosis?

The qEEG results report is not used to diagnose any illnesses and does not replace consultation with a healthcare professional. However, it may provide insights on the risks of potential disfunctions when the deviations from the optimal range are too high. In such case, you may later consult a healthcare professional.

What personal information is required so that I may participate, and how will that information be used?

We only require personal information necessary to supply you with the Results Report. During your online order processing, you will be asked for your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information will be used to process your order and will assist us in getting back in touch with you regarding your order. Additionally, your age is asked as the calculations of results depend on your age group.
When your EEG will be recorded at our premises, it will be supplemented by the ID number provided to you. You must retain this ID in order to access your profile. We do not keep together your personally identifiable information and your data, which cannot be directly associated with you. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How is the privacy and confidentiality of data handled?

We fully support and take very seriously the privacy of each individual and we take all the measures necessary to enforce it within the limitations that technology provides. The collection, maintaining, and security of your personal information is done in strict accordance with the principles described in Privacy Policy and in agreement with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act. The Consent Form (that every customer gets) gives detailed information about it and explains which options you have regarding your data storage and usage.

How long does it take to get reports?

You will get the results report within 3-7 working days.

I have received the results reports and I want additional help - How to order a consultation with a specialist?

Please CONTACT US to order the consultation session. You will be directed to an experienced interpretation specialist who will guide you through the results. You can agree a suitable time directly between yourselves. NOTE: In case you haven't yet received the results, please do not book a consultation session.

Should I repeat my test over time?

We encourage you take the test periodically, especially if some negative events happen in your life. Brain and mind functioning tightly depend on the biological, psychological, and social processes and events. Through your life you are periodically submitted to stress, difficulties, and negative events, as well as you are taking on increasing responsibilities with family and career. Staying focused and maintaining your edge is critical in such conditions. On the one hand, all these events inevitably alter the activity of your brain and mind. On the other hand, your capability to cope with stress, diseases, or negative events ultimately depends on the strength of your brain and mind. This is why knowing the current state of your brain throughout your life is very important: this knowledge will help you work out a strategy on how to improve your life and health. Think of it as an early warning system.

Is this service linked to any scientific research?

Yes, by purchasing the service, you will help to support further research. The anonymous integrated data (without link to personally identifiable information) can be used for scientific research (details are explained in the Consent Form that you will get).

Are any pharmaceutical or insurance companies involved?



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