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There are currently hundreds of recognized longevity supplements. But not everyone responds to supplements in the same way. Even the same individuals respond differently based on their current stage of life, numerous lifestyle choices they have made, their health, and their behavioral patterns.

This is where our approach comes in handy:

we translate your unique situation into an actionable plan of data-driven combinations of longevity nutraceuticals that are tailored specifically to you. 

  • Using a state-of-the-art approach, our scientists with Ph.D. in human physiology will estimate which hallmarks of aging are active in you and how much they are expressed.
  • This overall pattern of activated hallmarks of aging is used to tailor your longevity nutraceutical program.
  • The effectiveness of this approach was confirmed in a retrospective study that was single-blinded and actively controlled1.





The Individualized Longevity Supplementation Program*, tailored to target your activated mechanisms of aging with precision-targeted nutraceuticals backed by over 200 research studies, helps you to slow down the aging processes and extend your health- and life-spans.


Some of the compounds in our ingredients’ portfolio have been shown in research studies to reduce biological age by up to 8 years, with a 12% increase in lifespan, a 41% increase in healthspan, and a 46% reduction in frailty.


* This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent from any disease.


How it Works



Numerous studies have consistently shown that various lifestyle and sociodemographic factors can accelerate aging. Furthermore, several lines of evidence showed that such mental problems as depression, anxiety, ADHD, distress, schizophrenia, and others are associated with accelerated aging, with an average lifespan reduced by 15 to 20 years when compared to the general population without mental health issues.


The branch of science that studies how to slow the aging process and extend lifespan is called Geroscience2. The geroscience main postulate is that aging is the underlying cause of all age-related diseases, so therapies and interventions that can slow aging should as well be able to reduce all diseases and extend human healthspan, that is, the number of years of life lived without major disability3.


Longevity nutraceuticals encompass a diverse group of antiaging compounds and substances that have the potential to slow and reverse the aging process (that is exemplified by 12 mechanisms or hallmarks of aging4) and delay or prevent age-related diseases, thereby improving quality of life and extending health- and life-spans. Additionally, longevity supplements may also reduce the impact of environmental and lifestyle factors that accelerate aging, such as chronic stress, an unhealthy diet, smoking, and sedentary behavior.

Longevity supplements go one step further than maintaining health (that is what “traditional” supplements do). Longevity supplements can improve and extend health- and life-span and slow down aging at its roots5.  



We believe that regardless of age or time, everyone has the right to live life to the fullest, be active, and happy. We aspire to make more accessible to everyone the information about healthy aging and longevity by providing this service. Your longevity journey begins with us.


Start your journey by completing your individual profiling.


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Biological age is determined by the degree of organ, tissue, and their functions deterioration. It can be younger, older or the same as the chronological age. The younger biological age means that a person aging slower than the chronological age. While different tissues, organs, and systems begin to age at different times6,  period between the ages of 18 and 30 is widely regarded as the juncture at which individuals begin to diverge in their aging trajectories in terms of age-dependent decline (before most diseases become established). Longevity interventions are therefore already beneficial at this young age7.


By targeting the activated mechanisms (or hallmarks) of aging, one can potentially slow or even reverse the aging process by influencing the biological age.


Sounds like science fiction? 
It is less of a sci-fi vision of extending life, and more about increasing the chances of living a long and healthy life that is fulfilled, active, and happy!





Is the Personalized Longevity Program tailored uniquely to each customer?

Yes. Your Personalized Longevity Program is carefully designed to meet your unique needs, based on your activated hallmarks of aging. Our state-of-art approach combines your data (responses to the online demographic and health questionnaire and objective neuro-assessment [if ordered] using brain electrical activity – EEG – to evaluate psychoneurophysiological processes) with hundreds of research studies to select the best combination of longevity nutraceuticals with precise dosages that help you slow down the aging processes and extend your health- and life-spans.

Does my Personalized Longevity Program provide me with everything I need to live a long and healthy life?

No. Although this program of longevity nutraceuticals greatly contributes to optimal longevity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves more than just this one step. A healthy, balanced diet, evidence-based lifestyle choices such as exercising, having hobbies, not smoking, getting enough quality sleep, and managing stress cannot be replaced by this program.

Should I stop taking my multivitamins and use the Personalized Longevity Program instead?

No. The Personalized Longevity Program is not meant to replace your daily multivitamins. The Personalized Longevity Program is designed to target activated hallmarks of aging; it is not meant to supplement a broad nutritional profile. You could take them together. However, we advise against using any other supplements with the same ingredients and amounts as in your Personalized Longevity Program.

Can I change the suggested dosages in my Personalized Longevity Program?

If the program specifies a dose range for a specific compound, adhere to any value within this range. If a compound has a precise recommended dose, stay as close to it as possible. Taking more than recommended may be counterproductive or even dangerous for you. Taking less may make the compound ineffective in your case.

How much time will it take for me to start seeing results?

The short-term benefits may become apparent to some people within a few weeks. Nonetheless, it typically takes 4-6 months for the intended stable positive effects to begin manifesting at the cellular level and continue afterward.

How long should I use my Personalized Longevity Program?

Six months is the recommended length of the course. It is advised to repeat the course after a six-month break in order to maintain your organism at the stable slow aging rate because when you stop using the program, normally, the natural aging process gradually accelerates again. Ordering a retest of your pattern of activated hallmarks of aging is the best way to ensure that your personalized program of longevity nutraceuticals is invariably current and tailored to your unique new situation. This way you will always be on the optimal longevity path.

Will my Personalized Longevity Program ever receive an update?

Yes. Your Personalized Longevity Program is updated with all necessary adjustments based on your most recent results based on retest for your pattern of activated hallmarks of aging.

Are the ingredients in my Personalized Longevity Program safe?

According to available research, longevity supplements have a safety profile comparable to other food supplements. All of the ingredients in our portfolio are sold within European Union in compliance with EU regulations.

When should I begin using the Personalized Longevity Program?

This program is designed to target activated hallmarks of aging and, therefore, it is for adults; is not intended for use by those under the age of 18. You must be 18 and over to order. Offers are void where prohibited. 

Can I purchase longevity supplement compounds from you?

No. We do not sell supplements. Obtaining the longevity supplement compounds is the customer's own responsibility.

Keep in mind that some anti-aging supplements on the market may contain additional ingredients, such as herbs and other additives, which have been shown to have a positive impact on aging and other aspects of health. While the active compounds in the program have not been linked to any negative side effects, other ingredients in anti-aging supplements may be unsafe for you to take, depending on your medical history and current medications. It's important to always read supplement labels to understand exactly what you're buying. Aim for the pure form of the recommended compound to avoid potential excipient interactions.

I am pregnant. Can I continue to take longevity supplements?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We recommend that you stop taking your Personalized Longevity Program supplements while pregnant and breastfeeding. There is insufficient evidence in the scientific and clinical literature on the effect of longevity supplement compounds on pregnant or nursing mothers.

I am diagnosed with cancer. Can I take longevity supplements?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is insufficient evidence in the scientific and clinical literature on the effect of longevity supplement compounds on people with cancer.

I am using prescribed medication. Can I take longevity supplements?

When designing your Personalized Longevity Program, we take into account the available information on the potential interactions between medication and each compound in the Program. Remember that some interactions may be unknown. The best way to avoid health consequences from any drug interaction is to seek advice from your health care provider.

How long does it take to get the results report with my Personalized Longevity Program?

Once we receive the service order and the required data from you, the results report is estimated to be ready within 7 working days. If you order a service from outside of Finland, payment must be received by us prior to our acceptance of the order.

Do you share my results report with third parties?


What personal information is required to order the service, and how will that information be used?

We only require personal information necessary to supply you with the Results Report and invoice. During your order processing, you will be asked for your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information will be used to process your order and will assist us in getting back in touch with you regarding your order and invoicing.

Your order will be supplemented by the unique ID number provided to you. You must retain this ID in order to communicate with us. We do not keep together your personally identifiable information and your data, which cannot be directly associated with you.

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How is the privacy and confidentiality of data handled?

We fully support and take very seriously the privacy of each individual and we take all the measures necessary to enforce it within the limitations that technology provides. The collection, maintaining, and security of your personal information is done in strict accordance with the principles described in Privacy Policy and in agreement with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act.

Please understand that it is also your responsibility to protect your personal information. If you get from us the unique ID number, password and other authentication information to gain access to our services, we ask that you take duty to safeguard them. We cannot protect personal information that you release on your own or that you request us to release.

We encourage you to read both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Are any pharmaceutical or insurance companies involved?




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