16 January 2019

The Operational Architectonics (OA) of brain-mind functioning is a theory that unifies brain and mind through nested and dynamic hierarchy of electromagnetic brain fields. Recently, it has been enriched by concepts from physics like time, space, entropy, and self-organized criticality. The new theoretical paper advances OA theory

8 January 2019

Human beings are in the midst of very powerful shifts in our understanding of what it means to be a human. In this paper authors conclude that there is a non-trivial chance that sometime in the future humanity will transform itself. Such a transformation has great potential for both good and bad. Posthumanism seeks to improve human nature, increase the 

10 September 2018

Recently it has been proposed to adopt the understanding of consciousness as a “pure experience” for the purpose of diagnosing the patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC). In the paper the authors stated that while this suggestion is original and novel, without placing such Eastern notion in the Western tradition it is difficult to see how pure experience could be usefully operationalized to make sense in the clinical practice with