16 June 2023

BM-Science researchers were invited to give a talk on the “Neurophenomenology of Selfhood in the Continuum of States” in the Co-Embodied Self Lab (CELab) seminar, Lisbon.

They introduced a neurophysiological three-dimensional construct model of the complex experiential Selfhood, which is based on the EEG operational synchrony analysis. This triad model of Selfhood has been put forward to account for the phenomenological distinctions between three major aspects of Selfhood, namely (i) first-person phenomenal agency, (ii) embodiment and related emotional states, and (iii) reflection/narration, all of which are commensurate with one another and thus reflect the multi-faceted nature of self-awareness. Together these three aspects form a unified sense of self. Further, they presented a summary of the empirical findings that illustrate the dynamics of such Selfhood triad during various normal, altered and pathological states or conditions.