04 September 2014

Researchers of BM-Science Centre are invited to participate in the Second Symposium "Persistent Vegetative State and Other Neurological Disorders of Consciousness" hosted by organisation "Coma and other neurological impairments of consciousness" (Köln, Germany).

Drs. Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts hold two Seminar sessions: “Do we need a theory-based assessment of consciousness in the field of disorders of consciousness?” and “Prognostic value of resting-state EEG-signal structure in disentangling UWS and MCS”.

The sessions highlighted the importance of a theoretical account of what conscious experience is and how it emerges within the brain for the search of appropriate neuromarkers of the presence or absence of consciousness in noncommunicative brain-damaged patients. They also covered the diagnostic specificity of qEEG and its prognostic utility in clinical practice if the parameters of qEEG are chosen based on the theoretical account of consciousness. The doctors and nurses were given evidence on qEEG aided differential diagnosis, treatment selection and evaluation.