28 January 2015

The International TSC conference is held in our neighborhood – The University of Helsinki / Finland – from 8 to 13 of June 2015.

BM-Science researchers are invited to host a pre-conference workshop on the theme “Scientific Field Theories of Consciousness – Recent Developments” in the Conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness 2015”, TSC 2015.

This workshop will observe scientific field theories of consciousness concerning the everyday conscious experiences of individuals (including such sensations as colours, sounds, smells, tastes or somatosensation). The field theories of consciousness are theories that postulate that consciousness is identical with a field (or some aspect of it) in the general sense in which the term “field” is used in physics, i.e. a field in which the property that exists at each point in a particular region of the space-time continuum is objectively measurable. In other words, consciousness is seen as having not only temporal duration, but also extension in space. For more details see here.