13 October 2020

BM-Science in collaborative partnership with Kalpataru has finalised the project that aims to reveal the secretes of Selfhood. The results are published (see the article) in the Consciousness and Cognition journal.

Recently, a three-dimensional construct model for complex experiential Selfhood has been proposed (Fingelkurts et al., 2016a and Fingelkurts et al., 2016b). The current project aimed to test a direct causative relationship between three phenomenological aspects of Selfhood

(witnessing agency (“Self”), body representational-emotional agency (“Me”), and reflective/narrative agency (“I”)) and related to them three modules of the brain self-referential network (SRN) measured by means of qEEG. Additionally, the putative integrative model of the dynamic interrelations among three modules of the SRN has been proposed.

Project characteristics:

  • 24 average cumulative years of meditation practice
  • 4400 average total hours of meditation practice
  • 24 days of experiment
  • 64 hours of EEG recordings
  • 144 trials
  • 144 introspective self-reports
  • 144 retrospective self-reports
  • 9 standardized questionnaires related to Selfhood
  • 20 scales measuring phenomenological factors related to Selfhood