20 September 2021

This study is a continuation of the project “Selfhood triumvirate” that has been done in collaboration with Dr. Tarja Kallio-Tamminen and was focused on eight spontaneously emerging, brief episodes of vivid altered states of Selfhood (ASoSs) that occurred during mental exercise in six long-term meditators by using a neurophenomenological electroencephalography (EEG) approach. It has been published in the SpringerNature journal Cognitive Neurodynamics. The free read is available here

The analysis demonstrated that the documented ASoSs had unique neurophenomenological profiles, where several aspects or components of Selfhood (measured neurophysiologically and phenomenologically) are affected and expressed differently, but still in agreement with the neurophysiological three-dimensional construct model of the complex experiential Selfhood proposed in our earlier work (Fingelkurts et al., 2020).