It is a very simple procedure. A standard qEEG assessment takes approximately half an hour to complete. EEG cap and electrodes are placed on the subject’s head. The positions for electrodes are standardized so that data from different laboratories or clinics can be compared more easily to one another.

The skin at each location is cleaned and prepared to ensure good electrode contact and therefore, good conductance of electrical signals from the brain to the electrodes. A small amount of hypoallergic paste or gel is applied between the electrode and the scalp to further enhance signal conductance. Subject preparation may take 15 - 20 minutes using this approach. EEG cap is anchored to the subject using elastic straps and connected to the EEG system via a strap that contains all of the information from the electrodes.

After subject is prepared, the EEG recording is performed lasting about 12 minutes. Subject asked to remain quiet, still and as relaxed as possible for 6 minutes with his/her eyes closed and then 6 minutes with his/her eyes opened. This followed with several brief (few seconds) and alternating episodes of closed and open eyes. After completion of recording, the electrodes and the electrode cap are removed and excess gel or paste is cleaned from the scalp. You may want to wash your hair to rinse out the gel that is used in the cap. We have a space where you can wash your hair. Hypoallergic shampoo and towels are available.

After the examination, your data is processed and sent to the database of BM-Science centre. Within few days the report is produced and there will be a possibility to order personalised recommendations (a) for personalised coaching/training strategies (see BrainID services), (b) for personalised meditation strategies and exercises (see EEG-Guided-meditation and KalpaTaru services), (c) additional qEEG-screenings (see qEEG-screenings service) and (d) for personalised nutritional and dietary strategies (see NeuroNutrition service).